Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Servicing Agreement Signed with CoE, Building Permit Review Set to Proceed

It's not easy to get a $1.5 million religous assembly building constructed in a mature, established neighbourhood... especially when we are trying to do all the project coordination with volunteers. Still, we are making steady progress.

Another condition on our development permit was to sign a Servicing Agreement with the City of Edmonton for the construction of a commercial access to our planned mosque site, the removal of 2 avenue trees, and the aligning of the catch basin with 155 Street.

Our Treasurer, and Mosque Project Coordinator Sinem Senol started the Servicing Agreement application in early April, a servicing request was created by CoE on April 18th, and as of May 29 the signed agreement has been in place.

This means that we have officially met all the conditions outlined in our development permit application. Our Building Permit application has now been released for review. It's the busiest time of the year for CoE and we anticipate many meetings and revisions in the process but we are slowly getting there.