Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Met with CoE Safety Codes Officers to Discuss TCS Building Permit Application

On July 24, TCS volunteer Project Consultant Suat Demirer, Project Coordinator Sinem Senol, Mosque Construction Committee Member Berk Ulusoy and representative from our architectural company, Camred Architects met with the City of Edmonton safety codes officers to discuss and finalize solutions for fire safety issues related to our proposed building.

Building a new religious assembly building in a mature neighbourhood is no easy task, but building it next to an old school building that was built in 1948 (when safety codes were much different) is even a bigger challenge.

It's not one we can not overcome, though. TCS architect and project consultant were able to offer solutions accepted by the Safety Codes officers during this meeting.

We now will need to resubmit the revised plans and will be inching closer to our building permit approval.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Representative from CoE's Urban Forestry Department on Site to Evaluate Two Avenue Trees

We are usually excited to post updates about our project. This is the one occasion we are posting with a bit of sorrow.

In order to line up the entrance to our parking lot with 155 Street and to preserve the safety of the traffic crossing, our project requires the removal of two avenue trees (pictured on the left) from 105 Avenue.

Today our project coordinator Sinem Senol met with a representative from the City of Edmonton's Urban Forestry Division, who took measurements of the trees and noted their conditions.

The older, larger tree seems to be a little unhealthy. Although we are sad to remove two beautiful trees from 105 Avenue, we are happy to reassure everyone living in the Canora neighbourhood and the Turkish Canadian Community that the landscaping plans we submitted to the City involve the planting of many more trees than we are cutting.

Once the project is complete we will even have a few fruit trees, and a small community garden for the community to benefit from. We don't have 3D renderings of the landscaping plan but we are definitely very excited about it.

The tree removal process is now in place. If you live in the Canora Community and have any concerns about the removal of these trees or would like to see our landscaping plans, feel free to get in touch with us at