People Behind the Project

TCS Mosque Project Development and Construction Committee

Ahmet is one of the earliest immigrants to Edmonton from Turkey. He is a semi-retired journeyman welder and has been the President of the Turkish Canadian Society since 2017.

This is not the first time he has served at the TCS Board though. He has been a staple in the Turkish Canadian community and has been the champion for the community's dream to build a Turkish Canadian Mosque. He has been a member of the Mosque Project Development and Construction Committee since 2016.

Suat is the designer behind the TCS Mosque. He has been living in Edmonton since 2007. In 2015, upon the request of the active TCS Board, he started conceptualizing various designs for building a mosque at the existing property of the Turkish Canadian Society. In 2016, he presented his design concept to the members of the Turkish Canadian community and has been spending hundreds of hours as a volunteer for this project. Suat graduated from the School of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University and has three decades of construction experience. Although he is not a certified architect in Canada, he was able to work with the architectural company TCS contracted, to make the vision for the community come true. He is also the current Vice President of Turkish Canadian Society.

Sedat is also one of the earliest immigrants to Edmonton from Turkey. He and several members of his family served in the TCS Board for many years in the early days of its establishment.
He has been serving as an Honorary Member of the Turkish Canadian Society and the Mosque Project Development and Construction Committee since 2016. Although he spends his time between Turkey and Canada these days, he has played a crucial role in the approval of the Mosque Project by the TCS Board of Directors.

Turkish Canadian Society Board of Directors

We thank all the past TCS Board Members who have contributed to the TCS Mosque Project. 

Majority of the progress for the project was achieved between 2017 and 2019. 

Current Board members who have been an amazing supporters of the project are (from left to right in the photo): Efe Aksoy, Musa Ersoy, Nur Koyuncu, Filiz Ersoy Tekinoktay, Ahmet Topal, Suat Demirer, Sinem Şenol, and Onur Mutlu. Mr. Yusuf Akça and Ms. Hazime Gökçe are the two other active Board members who are absent from the photo.

Project Communications Coordinator

A relatively new immigrant, Sinem moved to Canada in 2011. She has been working for TCS since 2014 and has been instrumental in  many of  Turkish Canadian Society's initiatives since then. For the Mosque Project, she has been handling all the project communication, community engagement, contract negotiations, and project finances. She has also been working with the Edmonton Blue Mosque Foundation team to set up an independent charitable organization to collect and administer all the donations for the mosque project.

Diyanet Edmonton Religious Affairs Representative and Imam

Mustafa KÜYÜK
Mustafa was appointed by Diyanet Turkey (Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate) to serve the Turkish Canadian muslims in Edmonton and arrived in Canada in 2016. His arrival has mobilized and united the Turkish community. He has served as an advisor to Suat Demirer, our volunteer project designer and has been crucial in moving the project forward.

Blue Mosque Foundation - Diyanet Edmonton Board of Directors

Since 2018, Serkan Şahin, Tuğba Ersoy, Nesrin Dündar, Adman Öztürk, and Selma Topal Ersoy has been leading the Blue Mosque Foundation - Diyanet Edmonton activities in Edmonton.

They have started fundraising for the Mosque Projects during the months of Ramadan in 2018 and 2019, and are currently working on applying for a charitable status for the Blue Mosque Foundation through the CRA. Once approved, the foundation will oversee all the fundraising and later the day to day operations of the TCS Mosque, which we are hoping to name the Edmonton Blue Mosque.