Friday, February 24, 2017

TCS Mosque Faces Setback after Development Permit Pre-application Meeting

On February 22, 2017 Turkish Canadian Society Board Members Suat Demirer, Sinem Senol, Zafer Koprulu, and Mustafa Kamil Demir met with City of Edmonton planning officer Samantha Buccino and several other City of Edmonton officials at a Development Permit Pre-Application Meeting to discuss our planned Mosque Project.

Although the City officials were generally supportive of the idea of building a mosque at our existing site, there were several issues raised during the meeting. We were told that we would need to purchase significant amount of land from EPSB to get the project approved as designed.

TCS Board and our volunteer designer goes back to the drawing board, to re-think and re-design the project. We will especially have to put our Phase II - Cultural Centre plans on hold, as the parking and landscaping requirements will be impossible to meet.