Friday, February 8, 2019

Project Design Meetings Held Behind the Stage as we get close to the Building Permit Application

Just because we haven't posted an update for a while doesn't mean our TCS Mosque Project isn't going full speed ahead.

Our volunteer project designer Suat Demirer has been meeting with our project engineers and consultants behind the scenes for the past few months to finalize the electrical, mechanical, structural and architectural drawings required for the building permit application.

It's not an easy process. The results of the soil test and geotechnical analysis resulted in some minor changes to the elevation of the building.
 As a result, project drawings need to be updated. Mr. Demirer has spent at least a few thousand hours making all these updates since the inception of the project. Our architectural firm, Camred Architects has been graciously hosting all the engineering meetings.

Whenever he can, our President Ahmet Topal has been attending these project meetings to get updates on where we are standing with the project, so that he can share these developments with the very excited and anxious Turkish community.
We thank all our volunteer engineers and designers for their dedication and support for our project.