Friday, November 25, 2016

Design Concept for the Turkish Canadian Mosque presented to the community

On November 24, 2016 our volunteer project designer Mr. Suat Demirer presented the initial design concept for the Turkish Mosque to a packed audience at the Turkish Canadian Society. In addition to more than 100 community members Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Vancouver, Mr. Anıl Bora İnan and the Turkish Religious Affairs Attache Mr. Mahmut Demir attended the presentation. 

During the meeting members of the Turkish community showed overwhelming support to the project when the Turkish Canadian Society Board of Directors asked for members' approval to go forward with the development plans and the project as designed by Mr. Demirer. Only one member raised objections citing Mr. Demirer's Canadian qualifications. The Board assured members that they would be working with a licensed architect that will review and approve Mr. Demirer's design. In the end the project was approved with 2 nays and 127 yays.  Turkish Canadian Mosque project got its official kickstart on this day. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

First seeds for the TCS Construction Project Planted

TCS Board Members Muzeyyen Coskuner-Henriksen, Sinem
Senol and Zafer Koprulu host Councillor Andrew Knack at
the Annual Mahatma Ghandi Commemoration Reception
October 2, 2016
TCS President Ms. Muzeyyen Coskuner-Henriksen, Board Members Sinem Senol and Zafer Koprulu attended a charity dinner hosted by the Mahatma Ghandi World Peace Foundation in early October and hosted Councillor Andrew Knack at their table, along with Mr. Suat Demirer and Mr. & Mrs. Mustafa Kuyuk.

We used this reception as an opportunity to further discuss project ideas. Councillor Knack has graciously agreed to meet with us in the future once our project ideas materialized further.

During this meeting, our volunteer designer Mr. Suat Demirer had a chance to meet Chaplain Kuyuk, and started incorporating his feedback in to the project plans. Through the month of October Mr. Demirer started working on the initial plans for the #YEG Turkish Mosque as a stand alone building on the north west corner of our property.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Reviewing Design Options and Arrival of Turkish Chaplain

Mr. Mustafa Kuyuk
Muslim Chaplain for Edmonton
addressing the Turkish Canadians
October 8, 2016
During summer 2016, Mr. Suat Demirer, a Turkish architect who works as a manufacturing engineer in Edmonton, offered his services to the Board as a volunteer. Mr. Zafer Koprulu and Mr. Suat Demirer continued to evaluate various design options. Initial feedback from the community members for the cheaper construction solution of adding a second floor to the Gym was not positive. The Board abandoned that option in early August and focused on the arrival of Mr. Mustafa Kuyuk, the newly appointed Turkish Chaplain assigned to the City of Edmonton by the Turkish Directorate of Religous Affairs.

Mr. Kuyuk and his family arrived in Edmonton on September 3, 2016 for a 5 year appointment. Through the month of September the priority for the TCS Board was to ensure the smooth settlement of Mr. Kuyuk's family in Edmonton. TCS rented a residence for the family across the street from the Cultural Centre, and ensured that the Kuyuk children started school as soon as possible.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

New TCS Board Starts Discussing Project Options

Andrew Knack,
Ward 1 City Councillor
addressing the Turkish Community
on July 1, 2016
Soon after the Annual General Meeting of the Turkish Canadian Society in late May 2016, the new Board of Directors determined that the demand and desire for a Turkish Mosque was high among the growing population of the Turkish Canadians in Edmonton. The Gym also needed many repairs as it had been sealed off by Alberta Health Services due to major problems with the roof and flooring.

The new Board of Directors made construction plans a priority for the current year and started evaluating options. Initial ideas considered were building a second floor to the Gym, or knocking down the stage area of the Gym to build a mosque. During this phase, Zafer Koprulu, Chair of the TCS Building Committee, visited the City Development office to confirm current zoning requirements and to determine what options we had for our building projects.

We discussed some of our development ideas with Councillor Andrew Knack, while he visited our Society for a Ramadan Dinner.