Friday, March 9, 2018

Development Permit Application Submitted!

 After receiving feedback and direction from the CoE Planning team, TCS Project Consultant Suat Demirer went to work and finalized the drawings for the TCS Mosque with our architecture firm, Camred Architects, Inc. They have finally completed all the necessary plans required for the development permit in early March. On March 9 2018 our President Ahmet Topal, Vice-President and Project Consultant Suat Demirer, and Treasurer Sim Senol submitted the development permit application to the City of Edmonton.

Now the waiting begins.... We should hear back from the City in a month or so about whether we have formal approval to build our religious assembly building in this mature neighbourhood.

Parallel with the development permit application we are also launching our community engagement plan to present our project to the Canora Community Members, so that we can get their feedback and support.